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Some are looking for a fun time, some are looking for their next long term relationship. Some are trying out online dating for the first time, while.

I like hiking, skiing, volleyball and wine. The Christian faith is important. Please ask if you would like to know more.

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Not sure what tbis means But i. I am a hard working single father. I enjoying doing things to keep my happiness and strength focus on making my world a happy place.

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I like adventures,I hope to meet someone to share these happiness with me. I work at a daycare and teach Sunday school every week for both services for the year olds mostly. Im shy at first but once I get to know someone I wont shut up lol. I have never smoked or done any drugs or even dated. I dont usually get invited to things because Im a goodie goodie, im looking for a good guy friend with a strong faith with morals and values. I am a sincere and humble man looking for a kind and nurturing woman.

Trust and respect are important to me. I am a bit shy at first, but once people get to know me they perceive me to be extroverted. I know for a fact that a relationship without God at the center will fail, so this is a must for me. I prefer traditional values. Overall I am conservative, but I respect others wishes to live as they choose.

I hope to relocate near Europe in the future. I am in my final year of Accounting degree, I also work part time. I'm looking someone to date and a long term relationship. I use online dating to find a long-term match.

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I'm a student who is ready to meet someone. I love the Lord my God with all my heart.

POF will be avoided. I actually met my fiance on POF. She wasn't a barely legal, nor did she wait tables. She was a nursing student who went back to school since she couldn't find a job with her broadcasting degree.

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Outside of being incredibly lucky to meet her I found POF to be about on par with OKCupid as far as my success with finding dates went. However, the general quality seemed a tiny bit better on OKCupid. I remember saying it should be called "Plenty of Herpes" once. Someone shot liquid out of their nose, so I think it was pretty funny. I'm suing you for emotional distress. I laughed my ass off in front of all my co-workers, causing horrible embarrassment. My inbox was always full. I would get really irate guys writing to me that I was a bitch for not responding to them.

With so many emails it was impossible to try and keep up with. The majority of them were guys wanting random hookups. When I would say no, I was labeled as a stuckup priss. I became disgusted with the whole thing and just deleted it. I know online dating has worked for many people, I had no such luck. Maybe I should try a different site. Good luck to you though. That's the funny thing: I guess a lot of guys don't realize that and get frustrated that it is an ignorefest for us.

We're expected to initiate conversations on these sites, yet we never get any responses back. Very rarely ever messaged out of the blue on these sites. You probably don't believe me but it's true. I don't need a sugar daddy. I'm independent in that aspect. I've had guys want me to be their sugar mamma. And I would never respond to 'yo baby, you fine'.

Also, if a guy is wearing his hat backwards in his profile pic, that is another huge turnoff. But that's just me. Well they dont post per se But women often check income as one of the first things they look at when looking at profiles. Not that all do, I am just talking about general population. Drape made fake profiles for a chick and guy and it was interesting to see the shitty messages the chick got,and all the chicks messaging the rich buff biker Have you tried leaving your OKC profile up for a while and just casually using it? While I had no luck on PoF, I connected with a lot of really great people on OKC who I am still friends with or at the very least acquainted with still.

I don't know why my experiences differed so greatly considering that my profiles were near carbon copies of each other, but I am really happy that I had an OKC account and made so many great connections, including my wonderful and talented partner who I would not have connected with if it wasn't for OKC.

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First, be prepared to sell yourself. Not like a sweatshirt hooker on Leavenworth, but there is a lot of competition online and having an attention grabbing introductory statement can be the difference of getting a message or just getting browsed over. Write about what activities you participate in and other things that would make a potential date interested in talking to you about. If you can't think of anything positive in your life, dating probably isn't the right option for you right now.

Secondly, you need to answer questions and fill out quizzes if you want to find people that might be a match for you.

Using the keywords feature doesn't work. If you're not answering enough questions, you won't be happy with your results. If you're only finding "stoners, hipsters, hairy feminists" and the such, it is because of your answers. Answer the questions honestly and with some thought, and you're bound to find some suitable candidates. If you're looking to date women, be considerate that they get a TON of messages in their inbox. Every girl I met on OKC always complained about the amount of messages they got.

Finally, be patient and leave your options open. In my experience, I generally wouldn't message people unless I really felt that I had to connect with them. Even after a few dates with one person, I would continue chatting with other people. There are crazies on there too, but that is why the message and chat features are available; You can weed out the crazies and look for the successful and positive people that are better for you.

I would have a brain fart every time I tried writing to someone with a good profile to match decent pictures. I think part of my success on match was having a beer before logging on and looking for people. I do like beer, but having a drink every time I logged on was, for me, a little ridiculous. A friend suggested I read "the game", by Neil Strauss. It might be of interest to you. I'm still in the early chapters, but the author has done well, so far, to express his amazement and hesitation to learning that art. Getting nudes was a cakewalk especially when drunk.

The real problem is that NONE of these girls on these sites write anything of interest on their profiles for me to be able to want to message in the first place. From what I have seen, if the message wasn't lewd, it lacked substance. Do what you would do in person and have a g'damn sense of humor about things, people. I all ways ask what is your favorite book of all time. And that's pretty good considering I'm not exactly a looker. Also, be sure to be cute. I cannot stress this enough. It doesn't matter how much substance your message has unless you have a great face and body.

I mean, you can't expect a woman to love something ugly, right? I know I don't. I met my current husband on eHarmony. The other people I dated on eHarmony were pretty cool too, I just like my husband one the best. If you keep it light, you'll have a good time. But lots of online people seem to be at the point of desperation, and come across as creepy. Do you think it's Okcupid, or that the girls here are trash?