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By keeping the event underreported, Punk and AJ were able to maintain their privacy and enjoy their wedding in peace. Only a few hours after the photo, showing the happy couple arm and arm in their wedding wear, was leaked to the public, Punk took to Twitter and made his feelings on the matter explicitly clear. AJ is still clearly the bigger animal lover of the group, considering she has been volunteering at animal shelters her entire life, including even the busiest parts of her career with WWE. AJ also took her efforts to the Internet by re-tweeting dogs listed for adoption in the various cities she travels to, and her tweets eventually caught the attention of the ASPCA.

Lee has worked on campaigns focusing on anti-dogfighting and having pets neutered, in addition to designing apparel with Beautiful Disaster Clothing that benefitted PAWS Chicago.

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Most recently, the pair has adopted a dog they named Larry Talbot after the classic horror series, The Wolfman. Nothing brings a couple together like shared interests, and one hobby that followed both Punk and AJ throughout their entire lives has been a deep seeded love of comic books.

Punk has taken his comic aspirations further than AJ, having established an ongoing relationship with Marvel Comics since Punk first wrote the introduction to Avengers vs. X-Men , followed by co-writing an issue of Thor and then becoming one of the regular writers of Drax. Certain interests go well together, and along with comic books often comes a love of video games. AJ might actually be the bigger gamer of the two, having gone so far as to reveal her top 10 favorite video games in an interview.

CM Punk and AJ Lee Together in Real Life updated vimow

During the interview, AJ revealed that Punk is obviously a fan of video games as well, considering the couple apparently have spoken at length about whether or not CM Punk resembles Solid Snake. Punk has also spoken about how during his time with WWE he and Kofi Kingston would spend long hours playing video games while on the road together. Once Punk and AJ left the wrestling industry, they seemed to also end the majority of the relationships they had formed during their time in WWE. This attitude has extended to AJ, especially on screen, where superstars are practically banned from mentioning either member of the couple.

Aj lee dating cm punk in real life Aluminum beryllium dating

Big E was of course linked with AJ on screen when the two were the respective enforcer and valet of Dolph Ziggler , and Punk had a tertiary connection to Big E through his friendship with Kofi Kingston. The couple teamed with Fandango and Kofi Kingston to compete against a team of comedians led by Chris Hardwick for Nerdist: All-Star Celebrity Bowling , and despite a sterling display from all competitors, the wrestling team ultimately lost to the nerds by an extremely close two points, Instead, Vince McMahon made the decision to release Punk of his contract and sent him his termination papers through the mail, which Punk received on the same day he and AJ were set to wed.

Part of what brought Punk and AJ together was their various shared interests, not least of which must have been their love of professional wrestling. After months of hype and what felt like years of planning, CM Punk made his UFC debut against Mickey Gall on September 10, , in which he submitted to a rear-naked choke in two minutes and fourteen seconds.

Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. They were both single no reason they should not date. As a result, she attacked Natalya and Kaitlyn when they attempted to comfort her, [64] [65] [66] marking her character's transition to "mentally unstable". There were a lot of parallels drawn between the characters of Mizz Elizabeth and AJ Lee when she was in the corner of Daniel Bryanwhich were highlighted by their innocence.

Wwe cm punk dating aj lee Wwe cm punk dating aj lee Retrieved June 2, Stephanie McMahon is definitely not shy about showing off her amazing body! Later in the year, Punk started dating AJ Lee. Cm punk is not a punk he is a man who thinks hes a punk. StylesCabana and even Eddie Guerrero in matches for the heavyweight championship. Mendez responded that, despite having generated record-selling merchandise and several top- rated segments, female wrestlers in WWE receive only a fraction of the wages and screen time of their male counterparts. Sopeople need to stop making stuff up, just saying.

CM Punk was always known within the industry and amongst fans, as someone who was very passionate about the history of the business. They both broke up because she was on Raw, and he was ECW sothey barely even seen dating sites in hampton va other, that was forever ago. Archived from the original on March 26, Archived from the original on February 24, He is best known for his time in WWEwwe cm punk dating aj lee he was a two-time WWE Champion, including a day reign from November 20, to January 27, that is recognized by WWE as the sixth longest of all-time [5] as well as the longest of the "modern era".

However, AJ again retained the title from Kaitlyn, who was betrayed by Layla. She made the decision to retire once she had fulfilled all of her goals in the industry. Retrieved Wwe cm punk dating aj lee 25, Punk did not appear on the January 27 episode of Rawnor did he appear at the SmackDown taping on Tuesday despite being advertised for the event. Punk did date Maria in real life but they aj lee dating cm punk in real life no longer together.

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Wwe cm punk dating aj lee - Click here for details …. John Cena ended in a draw". No, she is dating Brent Frost in real life. Punk and Kelly never dated in real life that was for the storyline. Who is dating cm punk? Is CM Punk a punk to you?

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Punk is dating former WWE diva Lita. Aj lee dating cm punk in real life, wwe kaitlyn is returning I Fell in love with him, Not his character. Relationship Timeline Archived from the original on June 1, Archived from the original on January 19, According to Punk, he found a lump on his back in November and it was diagnosed as a fatty deposit by Dr. Is CM Punk dating anyone or married to anyone?

Aj lee dating cm punk in real life, wwe kaitlyn is returning

Are WWE maria and cm punk still dating? Is Cm Punk Dating Lita? Even their wedding was a very private affair with scarce attendance.