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Between her hard-hitting moves, badass performance style, and sheer ability to keep up with hip-hop all-star Twitch, Lauren proved that she could indeed do stuff that other chicks wish they could. Just see those frontward somersaults! Put it this way: I was on vacation in China when this episode aired, and two separate people sent me the YouTube link to it the next day, or, um, the day before, or something — the time difference was confusing.

Even in the temporal and particulate haze of Shanghai, I knew this was a dance people were going to remember. It went a long way toward repairing the serious likability issues plaguing Ashleigh going into this week, and helped launch Jakob all the way to second place. Season 2 A perfect example of showmanship trumping technique.


You could pick apart this first-time partnership between the final season 2 male dancers, Travis and Benji i. How weird is it to watch the show without any pre-dance video package or Cat Deeley towering over the dancers in some high-wire-high-fashion frock?

Season 6 Funky and creepy and fiendish and cool: Season 5 By the time season 5 rolled around, it was easy to question why So You Think You Can Dance continued to force its contestants to roll out a disco routine. That is, until Brandon and Janette hit the stage for their disco duet, which showed audiences that the genre could be fast, fun, and seriously impressive. Talk about disco fever! If you know someone who can get through it without at least getting misty, be warned: That person is definitely a killer robot.

So You Think You Can Dance (United States) cont...

Did you see how far of a drop that was for Brandon leaping over that first railing? Did you love those crazy point-and-kicks, sly ankle turns, and arms-akimbo gumby twirls? In a season parched of real Memorable Moments, this was like drinking liquid awesome. A heartsick woman Chelsie tries to keep her workaholic lover Mark from leaving, but instead he steals her heart and then walks out the door. One of the biggest complaints about season 4 is the time the judges spent heaping endless praise upon the choreographers rather than discussing the dancers, but in the case of hip-hop choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo i.

The couple brought a lyrical storytelling sensibility to their routines that transformed hip-hop from hard-hitting abstract steps to something far more emotionally engaging — along with Mark, they were my favorite SYTYCD discoveries from the season. And the two contestants in the contemporary routine — revolving around the disparity between social classes — only served to advance the story line by being two disparate types of dancers. Billy was as touching as Ade was dominant.

The Top 20 Best So You Think You Can Dance Routines Ever

Billy was as emotional as Ade was stoic. I have made mistakes that I must learn from. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

'So You Think You Can Dance': 25 Best Performances Ever

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Brooklyn , New York. Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo [3]. Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Los Angeles , California. Tabitha D'umo Napoleon D'umo. Miami, Florida originally from Haiti.

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Classical Pas de deux. Tony Meredith Melanie LaPatin.

Anya Garnis Pasha Kovalev Season 3.